7 Important Steps Website Development Planning Process


There are seven steps that should be followed from beginning to end when developing a website.

1.Research and goal setting


3.Designing the layout

4. Writing the content


6.Testing and launching


The last step involves updating and doing maintenance on the website typically, even after it has been launched to ensure it’s still working correctly. An effective web site means that guests can be more more likely to become loyal customers.

Planning a website can take a lot of effort and time. It can also value cash to launch an internet site. The 2 most important factors that should be considered are money and time. In the course of the planning process, it’s a good idea to make a timeline or have an aim of how long you may spend on every step. The extra time that’s taken during the first few steps of planning, the much less you will have to do in the long term.

Website Development Planning Process


As with any project, it is important to do proper research and set objectives earlier than starting. By setting objectives, it should assist the web site to have a path and also will assist your business to realize specific accomplishments. The planning and aim of setting the course may take about 1-2 weeks to finish

Who is the audience I wish to target?

What are the main goals of the website?

By setting goals to your web site, you will be serving to the site to have a clear path and function. That is essential to the rest of the steps. When setting your objectives, it is best to think about outlining what you desire to the rest of the steps to seem like. Step 1 will information you through the rest of the method smoothly.

The research a part of this step has a few different purposes. There are so many examples on the market that it might be useful for you to have a look at and use some of the websites of your rivals.

Different age groups may be looking for one thing different when they go to a website. Understanding what your viewer’s desires are essential to planning the remainder of your web site. It is usually important to analyze keywords you’d like to make use of along with your web site. By growing your web site with SEO in mind, you’ll save yourself a lot of work in the future.


Planning the website includes creating a wireframe and sitemap. This is an important step as a result of it’s a form of just like the skeleton of your website. This course of can take about 2-6 weeks to finish. The sitemap permits the developer to get a top-level view of what the site will seem like, what pages there can be and the way they are going to work together with one another.

A consumer ought to be able to simply navigate a website, and this begins with the event of the sitemap. Earlier than you begin to plan content, a sitemap allows you to design what the construction will seem like. Once the sitemap is accomplished, the opposite part of this step is to create a wireframe or mock-up. These are simply visible representations of what the location will seem like. This doesn’t embody the layout details. That comes next.


The details of the format are what will give your web site character. That is the step the place you get to be creative with footage, movies and what sorts of issues the client will discover when they come to your website. This course can takes about 4-12 weeks from beginning to end. The timing depends on expertise, time spent on the mission, and the way through the developer is. Throughout this step, it’s particularly essential to keep referring again to the audience you want to focus on.

Consider colors, logos, and something that may encourage your viewers to work together with the location. By considering how you’ll create the format of the web site, you are trying to deliver the web site to life. It ought to assist the viewers to get a really feel for your corporation or product. Please be aware this step doesn’t but contains written content. That is the subsequent step. The written content material is so essential that it needs its personal step.


The written content material of an internet site is so essential to its success. Whereas this step could also be taking place throughout different steps, it’s one that’s essential and deserves a whole lot of experience. It may take from 5 to 15 weeks. The written content material on a website goes to assist a customer to determine their next steps. It’s vital to drawing customers in and maintaining them.

When determining what words to make use of, it is important that they aren’t too laborious to grasp. A normal rule is that you have to assume not everybody goes to need to read phrases which might be greater vocabulary. A web site ought to have a vocabulary that a typical person can understand.

Again, considering the target audience is extraordinarily important, especially in terms of the textual content getting used to provide prospects data. This may decide what sorts of phrases and voice can be used within the writing, which might create the temper for the content, whether or not it’s good or bad. It additionally involves creating catchy titles and headlines to draw individuals in.

Additionally, it is usually a good idea to be well-versed in writing a call-to-action. That is what you need the user to do after studying the content on the location. The content material ought to get customers excited about buying services or products. A website that has well-written content goes to be way more successful than ones that don’t.


Now that all aspects of your web site have been created, you’re ready to truly start creating the web site itself. The coding usually begins with the homepage and step by step branches out to the other pages included in the web site. This could be the place the sitemap is followed to make sure all the pieces are coded correctly. The coding step may take from 6 to 15 weeks, relying on how a lot of content and the way intricate you want your web site to be. Additionally, it is vital to arrange frameworks and CMS to make sure that all the pieces will match onto the server during the setup course. You wouldn’t need to do all that work solely to find out it doesn’t match.

As soon as the web site is laid out based on the sitemap, it should be examined before moving any further. If all works nicely, then the remainder of the content ought to be added, and formatting should be completed. This part includes having a deep understanding of the know-how you’re using. Actually, in case you are trying to do a lot of the work your self, it’s best to at the very least consider getting a developer to code for you, so to make sure all the pieces work as planned.

During coding, don’t forget to consider factors such as SEO, CMS plugins, and any extra tools you could be utilized for analyzing and testing the web site sooner or later. When you consider these items now, you’ll save your self-time and power later. By keeping search engine optimization in mind, you will get higher outcomes, and extra people shall be uncovered to your web page. Anything value doing is value doing right.


Before the website is launched, it’s crucial that it’s tested out by actual users. All of the hyperlinks and content material ought to be examined to see if it really works. Not solely is it vital to check out all of the buttons and all the pieces on the location, however, it is usually vital to check out what users think of it. There may be personal testing that may be accomplished to ensure the web site is giving customers what they need to be successful on the test.

Again, there are instruments that can be used to find out if anything must be changed. Be certain that to check all written content material, together with spelling and grammar. In case your web site has kinds, be certain that they’re working appropriately as nicely. These could be vital methods the customers can get in contact with you or join alerts and messages. Without these working correctly, it may be very tough for the user and likewise will be tough for you to have a profitable web site.

Don’t just test the web site once, however, test it over a number of occasions. When you’re assured that all the pieces are in working order, you may go forward and launch your web site dwell. In terms of launching, you’re lastly prepared and might do that by importing it to the server. You have to FTP (File Switch Protocol) for this process. It is also vital to ensure all the pieces is working easily instantly after launching. Testing and launching could take 2-Four weeks to complete.


You may think your job is done as soon as the website is launched, however, this isn’t the case. Since know-how and products are altering extra quickly than ever earlier, it is important to keep up-to-date with what is going on on the web. Sustaining a web site is tough work, but the extra effort put into its upkeep, the better. There are a number of different items to web site repairs.

For one, it should consistently be checked out for errors. When a user encounters an error, this can be frustrating and will trigger them to search out what they’re in search of some other place. Errors may also fully block them from the knowledge they should decide on buying a product or service. That is why it is very important not solely to test your web site for personal experience earlier than the launch, however after as nicely. User-experience should be tested typically



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