Enhance your beauty from Beauty Oils Best Essential Oils For Skin

Enhance your beauty from Beauty Oils Best Essential Oils For Skin…

If you place some special oils in your home beauty treatment, then you will have to spend less time in the beauty parlor on the wedding day. How to use coconut, olive, almond, sesame oil to enhance beauty –

Enhance your beauty from Beauty Oils Best Essential Oils For Skin

Prepare to make your skin healthy a few months before marriage. Your beauty product and cosmetic expenses will be saved. Oils contain many ingredients that help to nourish the skin and cleanse the complexion. Apart from applying in the head, you can also make natural scrubs, body lotions, eye creams, makeup removers with oils.

Body scrub and coconut oil:

Make a natural foot scrub by adding a little sugar in coconut oil, using it will remove dead cells and make the skin shiny. Make coconut oil a base oil and add the essential oil of your choice, its smell will cool the brain and relieve fatigue.

Makeup Remover Olive Oil:

A few months before the wedding, there is a period of shopping, party, family get-together. In such a situation, it is necessary to apply makeup to keep the face glowing. Don’t forget to remove makeup in the evening. To remove it, put a few drops of olive oil on cotton soaked cotton and clean the makeup. If the makeup is heavy, repeat this process 2-3 times. In this way, waterproof makeup can also be removed. Remove it with very light hands. After that wash face with cold water. Blood circulation will increase, closed pores will open, and the lost skin moisture will return. Do not use it on oily or acne skin. This will increase the problem of acne infection.

Almond Oil and Under Eye Cream:

The easiest and effective way to remove dark circles and fine lines under the eyes is almond oil. Rub a drop of almond oil in your ring finger and apply under the eyes before going to bed every night. In a few weeks, the skin color under the eyes will be clear and the skin will become soft.

Skin and Almond Oil:

It is believed that oil massage should not be done directly on the skin. This can make the skin tone darker. But with all the oil massage, it is not necessary. Applying almond oil brightens the complexion. Massage it in a circular motion until it is completely soaked on the skin. You can use almond oil instead of cream to remove skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Healthy fats and good skin

Good fats do not make you fat, but rather keep healthy. Research suggests, if the right amount of fat is in the diet, then many diseases can be avoided. If the difference between bad fat and good fat is understood, it can help to stay slim.

Flex seed oil:

Flaxseed means flax seeds, it contains the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It also prevents untimely wrinkles on the skin.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Research suggests that pumpkin seeds are beneficial for both men and women. The zinc present in it keeps the prostate gland of the male health and the menopause-related problems in women are also reduced like hot flashes, headaches, high blood pressure. Their use prevents hair loss and their growth is good.

Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is considered a skin booster. It gives nourishment, moisture and protection to the skin. It has high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin E, which makes the skin look soft and smooth.

Omega-3 Fish Oil:

It is considered the best fat. Fish oil contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This makes the heart and brain health. It is considered effective for skin and hair shine.

Hand and Foot Care:

If coconut oil is applied regularly on hands and feet, it can be a good and inexpensive alternative to expensive foot-hand creams. This oil is light because it gets soaked on the skin quickly. Regular massage with feet and hands with coconut oil also makes the dry and chapped skin become soft and the complexion increases. Coconut oil is often used as a base oil in hair and body spas. Various types of herbs etc. are added to it.

lotion pour le corps :

In place of expensive body lotion, apply olive oil after bathing and finally add half a lemon juice in a mug of water to the body, then wipe. This makes the skin very soft. If you want in oil, then add a few drops of essential oil. Lavender, lemongrass or basil can be essential oils.

Remove Stains:

Neem oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also considered in essential oil, so do not use it directly on the skin. Use it mixed with olive and almond oil. Add 1 teaspoon of neem oil to one-third cup of almond oil. Now dip the lint of cotton in it and apply it on the spots with light hands.

Oil and skin type…

If your skin is sensitive, apply lavender oil to the foundation or primer. Coconut oil is also beneficial for this type of skin. Almond oil is good for dry skin. Oily skin people should avoid applying oil on their skin. Applying coconut oil on the combination of skin is good.

Essential oil:

Such oils are specially prepared from the flowers, leaves, stems, and roots of plants. Essential oil is very fast and thick oil. That is why it is not used directly on hair and skin. This can cause problems. The skin color can also be lightly suppressed instead of whitening. For better and better results, mix a few drops of essential oil in a base oil such as almonds, olives, coconut oil. Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, neem, sandalwood, tea tree are the most commonly used essential oils. They are used in a variety of skin products, hair products, and serums.

Career Oil:

They are produced in the fatty part of the plant such as seeds. It can be used directly on thick and light. Coconut, almond, olive, sesame and mustard oil are career oils.



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