How to Write Search engine optimization Friendly Article On Blogger


How to Write Seo Optimization Article On Blogger

How to Write an Article On Blogger: Friends my name is Rahul Bharadwaj and our topic today is on Search engine optimization Friendly Blog Post, we write an article and publish it but we cannot get traffic from that article. And when we search a keyword, our article does not show on Google

Friends, the main reason for this is Search engine optimization SEO – search engine optimization.

How to Write Seo Optimization Article On Blogger

I am going to tell you such methods to solve the same problem, if you follow them well then you can write a very good SEO Friendly article, so please read this post completely and share it as much as you can?

How to write Search engine optimization friendly articles ..

1. Search and Analyze Keywords.
2.SEO Friendly Blog Title
3.Blog URL – Permalinks
4. Use Heading 2 with Keyword.
5. Use Internal Links

1. Keyword Research

If you want to do keyword research then you can use Google Adwords, friends, whenever you start working on a keyword, first you have to analyze the keyword on it to see how much traffic is on that keyword and how much is the competition.
After that, you write your article on that keyword

2. SEO Friendly Blog Title

Friends, you have to pay attention to the title of your post first, so to write Search engine optimization Friendly Blog post, you have to make a good title.

Because whenever a visitor comes to your site, it will first be your title and then your article.

3.Blog URL

Whenever our post is shared, people see the URL of our post, so the URL of our post also helps in improving the ranking of our article.

That’s why your friends use only keywords in the URL of your article

4. Use “Heading 2” with Keyword

Whenever you write your content or post, you must use Heading 2 in it and put your Keyword in it, and when you use Heading 2, do not just add keywords but add some more words with it. This will make our posts easier to rank in Google

5. Use Internal Links

Internal linking is Best SEO Practice. This is very useful for your website and for your visitors, which is also supported by Google.

You will have 2 benefits from internal linking.

1. The Bounce Rate of your site will be less.
2. There will be Pageviews Increase on your site.

So, friends, this was writing an Search engine optimization (SEO) article, so I hope you must have liked our post, if you like the post, then share it and if you have any question, you can comment and ask.



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