Makeup accessories for eyes: – (Eyes Makeup)

Makeup accessories for eyes - (Eyes Makeup)

Makeup accessories for eyes: – (Eyes Makeup)

Makeup accessories for eyes: - (Eyes Makeup)

1. Kajal: It is a toilet which has been used for a long time. It makes the eyes healthy and attractive. This makes the eyes appear big. Kajal is available in both dry and cream forms. Nowadays, the appearance of the stick is also found. Kajal is used especially before sleeping at night. Kajal is more important for women with brown or blue eyes. Necessary to illuminate the eyes.

2. I Bro Pencil: This pencil is used to give proper shape to the eyebrows and to make the light eyebrows dense. Sometimes it is also used as an eyeliner.

3. Eye Liner: It is found in both liquid and dry forms and very careful is to be applied to the ends of the eyelid, for which practice is necessary. The liquid liner should be applied to the skin with the help of a brush. Eyeliners are available in many colors. Brown and the gray color liner are suitable for the day. Other colors are perfect for evening hours.

4. Eye shadow: It plays a notable role in eye makeup. Applying it to the area between the eyelids makes the eyebrows appear high. It is available in different colors and a brush should be used to apply in both liquid and dry forms. Eye shadows begin to be attached to eyelashes and spread them between the eyelids. It should be selected based on the colors of the clothes.

5. Mascara: Use it to make eyelashes appear dense and attractive. It is found in both liquid and dry forms. The liquid mascara is applied with the help of a locator and the dry is applied with a brush. Mascara is available in many colors. Many coats have to be applied.

6. I Makeup Remover: As is clear from the name. Use it to remove eye makeup. Makeup can have a bad effect on the eyes, especially if not before sleeping.

7.I Lashes: These are known as Artificial Eyelashes. Women whose eyelashes are light or scattered can use them to increase the attractiveness of the eyes. These laces are available in various sizes and colors. These can be applied on their own.

8. Smoky Eyelash (Eyelash color): The easiest way to make your eyes look wide open. It takes just a moment to use and benefits a lot.

9. Cake or Roll-on Mascara: To make eyes look bigger and make eyelashes thick and long. Mascara dries by keeping it for a long time. Before buying a new mascara, remember to finish the old mascara.

10.I Shadows: It is necessary to have two favorite colors of Eye Shadows. The cream is better for winter, while in summer, the powder gives freshness. Do not use bright colors as they do not match well with the face. Take a dim and sad beige, blue or brown color. 

11. One pair of good, effective tweezers: Always test the tweezers before purchasing. It is important to have a good tweezer grip. Remember not to change the natural shape of the brow. Instead of the top of the eyebrows, gently pull down the hair with tweezers.


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