Makeup accessories for your face and lips: – (Full Face Makeup Steps)


Makeup accessories for your face and lips: – (Full Face Makeup Steps)

Makeup accessories for your face and lips: - (Full Face Makeup Steps)

1. Lipstick Brush: To make your mouth beautiful.

2. Lipstick: At least two of your favorite colors. Leave the orange and Indian pink colors as they do not look good on the average wheatish Indian form. Take dark brown and red color for winter and light color in summer.

3. Lip-paints or colors: lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss, etc. are used for the makeup of lips. First, an outline is made with a lip pencil, then lipstick is applied inside that outline and then a paste of lip gloss is applied. Lip gloss is available in both liquid and creamy forms.

4. Lip-barrier: It is used to protect the lips from bursting and to maintain softness. It also gives moisture to the lips.

5. Lip Gloss: This is applied on the lipstick so that applying lip lipstick over the preferred lipstick does not change its color, it just makes it juicier.

6.Liquid Foundation: To create a smooth base to hide and work out skin defects. Remember to always cover your face completely with the foundation, even behind the eyelids and ears. The color of the foundation depends on the color of your skin. Wrong color foundations, whether too light or too dark – can look very bad.

7.Busher or reddening: It can be powder or liquid. It is extremely important. If applied well, it does wonders to make you beautiful. It is advisable to use powder blush in summer or rainy season as it prevents the face from becoming oily, greasy. Liquid Rouge is good for winter.

8. Skin toner: If your skin is dry, then it is a good idea to use a toner if it is applied regularly. Apply it immediately after washing your face for best results. Toner improves skin circulation and brings color to the skin.

9. Hand lotion or cream for hands and feet: To keep hands and feet soft. Use your hand lotion or cream immediately after washing each time. Like the facial skin, the skin of your hands and feet dries up and needs nourishment, especially when you apply soap on them.

10. Calamine lotion: This fluid with light pink or drab color and medicine is beneficial for sun-scorched skin. It can also be used in dryness and dryness of the skin.

Items for physical fitness: – (Health And Fitness Tips)

1. Weight scale or weight scale: so that you keep a sharp eye on your weight. The best and comfortable time to gain weight is when you get out of the shower immediately (your weight is the lowest at that time). Well, whatever time you choose to take your weight, take this precaution that every time you keep weight at almost the same time.

2. Full-length mirror: so that you see yourself from head to toe in a critical view, keep an eye on your shape. Before buying, see if the image does not deteriorate in the mirror.

3. Jumping rope: Jumping rope is a great workout for the whole body. It is also very good for relieving stress.

4. Clapper lace (tape): so as to monitor the spread of waist and hips.

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