These 5 beauty products in summer, skin will not be harmed-Men do these 5 things ,the hair will stop falling in a week


Always keep these 5 beauty products in summer, the skin will not be harmed

In the summer season before leaving the house you think 10 times that the skin will get scorched, the color will get darker, sweat will come and the body will burn etcetera. But still, you have to get out of the house for the necessary work. Many times during the holidays, you plan to go somewhere but stop thinking about the damage caused by the heat and sun, so there is no need to worry anymore. If you keep some important beauty products with you, then you can protect yourself from skin damage this season.

These 5 beauty products in summer, skin will not be harmed-Men do these 5 things ,the hair will stop falling in a week

Face wipes and towels

If you go out anywhere during the summer season, sweat is the most problem. Due to sweat, the body smells, as well as sometimes the makeup of your face also gets spoiled and the face becomes dull. But if you keep some face wipes and a small face towel with you, then this problem can get rid of. Whenever you sweat, you can easily wipe the face with face wipes. You can wipe the sweat on the back of the neck and the palms with a towel.

Cc cream

CC cream is usually used for color correcting cream or complexion correction cream. These creams prevent your facial complexion from getting dulled and add glow to the skin. So whenever you get out of the house, keep the CC cream together. If your color changes due to sunlight, then you can immediately get the shine on the face by applying this cream.

Waterproof mascara

Due to sweat or sometimes due to water, your mascara gets spread and the face with eyes also looks very bad. To avoid this problem, use waterproof mascara in your eyes while you are out of the house and keep it with you so that you can apply it again if needed.

Dry shampoo

If you are going out for the day, do not forget to take dry shampoo with you. Due to outside dust, soil and pollution your hair gets spoiled and their shining also goes away. In such a situation, with the dry shampoo, you can clean the dirt and grease of the hair, due to which your hair starts to shine again.


If you go out for a walk or a party etc. during the night, then you should use glitter on the eyes and nails. This makes you look better and it will make you look different from others as well.

Men do these 5 things, the hair will stop falling in a week

Hair loss has become a common problem nowadays. Due to increasing pollution and unhealthy eating the hair is not getting proper nutrition due to which the hair becomes weak from the roots. This is why hair loss starts. It was generally believed that the problem of hair loss starts after middle age, but nowadays this problem is increasing rapidly even in young children. If men want to get rid of this problem then they must take care of hair. We are telling you through this article how to take care of your hair.

Do not shampoo daily

Men want to take care of their hair, so take care not to wash hair too much. This is the common mistake everyone makes. The right way to wash hair is to wash your hair with shampoo two to three times a week. This method will maintain the health of hair. Many times it has been observed that in order to remove dirt from the hair, men wash and scrub the hair. This method of washing hair is very wrong. You should wash the hair slowly. Otherwise, your hair will start falling weakly.

A hairdryer is not good to use

Nowadays men use hair dryer more and more for their hair. This causes hair to set properly but a hairdryer can also damage the hair. This causes hair to weaken, so let the hair dry in a natural way.

Avoid chemical hair products

Hair products in the market can prove to be harmful to your hair at times. If you use it more and more, it makes the hair weak and breakage. So take care before using hair gel, hair wax, hair spray, and other hair products on your hair. When it comes to your hairstyle, use a minimal amount of these products.

Use egg conditioner

Egg conditioner is very useful for better hair health. Proteins and minerals are found in the eggs, which is the best nutritional element for your hair. By applying eggs to the hair, the hair is silky, strong and soft. Men should have their hair trimmed regularly for hair care. This will keep the hair clean and properly managed. Try to get a haircut once a month.

Take care of hair with chlorine

Chlorine can damage your hair, so men wash hair with clean water to protect the hair from the harmful effects of chlorine and use a swimming cap or mild conditioner before going to the swimming pool.

Important for healthy  is also  hair A healthy diet

How your lifestyle is affected also affects your hair. Here hair care for men means that they should eat as much nutritious diet as possible. Include exercise or exercise in your life, consume more water. Also, get sleep and always be positive. All these rules are not only necessary for your hair but will make your life healthy.



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