Tips to decorate the bride’s eyes Bridal Eye Makeup Tips


Tips to decorate the bride’s eyes Bridal Eye Makeup Tips.

Try eyeliner trends to decorate the bride’s eyes. Which will make the bride’s eyes look even more beautiful. Let us tell you step by step how you can give a more beautiful look to the bride’s eyes.

Tips to decorate the bride's eyes Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

By Double Winged Eyeliner by Double Winged Liner

You can use a liquid liner to apply a double-winged liner, as this makes the finishing point of the liner sharper. Perfection does not come from eye pencils. If you want colorful double wings, use a blue or green color liner. Nowadays shimmer liners are also coming.

You have to follow these steps

First step: As long as the length of the wing is desired, move the line upward from the center.

Second step: bringing thin lines from the inner corner of the eyes, stop at the center and merge the two lines.

Third step: Draw a thin winged line under half of the lash line under the eyes. Then move it to the ends, making a slightly thick line. Do not mix it with the upper wing. That is, 2 tips will come out from the ends of the eyes. One from the top and the other from the bottom.

Fourth Step: This style will make your eyes shape very beautifully. This classy look of eyeliner is mostly done in black shades, but with ash blue and purple shades can also create your eyes in this style.

Bat Wing Eyeliner from Bat Wing Liner

First step: For this, first of all, following the curve on your brow bone, draw a thick line from the middle to the outside and connect it with the lash line.

Second step: In the same way, from the next corner also join an oblique line with the lash line and give your eyes the shape of the batwing.

Third step: Fill the eyeliner in the empty space of this wing and attach the inner part of the eye to that wing.

Fish Tail Liner Use by Fish Tail Eyeliner

First step: For this, first apply a thick liner on the eyelash, which is pulled forward. Pull outwards.

Second step: Likewise apply thicker liner on the lash line. Take it out and pull it downwards. Just take care of one thing that makes it thin from the front and thick from the back.

Third step: This style of the liner is quite bold. In such a situation, you do not need to do complete makeup with this look. Simply applying mascara on the eyelids can complete your eye makeup.

Fourth step: If you are going to a party, then you can give a more stylish look to your party look by applying Swaroski on the tip on the outer side.

Cat Eye Look Cat Eye Look

First Step: Katy Eyes Look is also the best option for a confident look. For this, apply gel liner on the upper and lower eyelids, but keep in mind that make a slightly thicker line on the top than the bottom or fill the upper lid with black eye shadow.

Second step: Remove the two lines from the outer corner of the eyes and add them together and fill the empty space. You can apply this kind of eyeliner to a theme party.

Big Eyes For Bigger Eyes

1. Eyes are highlighted with light-colored eyeliner on the eyes. Use white liner instead of black to bring brightness to the eyes. This will make the eyes look bigger. The Falls Eyelashes give a very attractive look to the eyes.
2. This creates a frame around the eyes. Eyes look deep and beautiful.

3. Apply the Light Shimmer Eye Shadow to the eyes corner. Apply a little silver gold eye shadow to the inner corner. This will increase the shape of the eyes and make the eyes look bigger.
4. If the shape of the eyebrows is right, then the eyes will look big and beautiful.

Eye Makeup Remover Eye Makeup Remover

1. The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than the rest of the face. That is why do not rub this place while removing makeup of the eyes. Excessive rubbing causes fine wrinkles here.
2. If you have oily skin, then use rose water as a makeup remover. Dip the cotton swab in rose water and keep it on the eyes for 1 minute. This will soften the makeup soaked in rose water.

3. Remove makeup from eyelids and eyelashes in a circular motion. Just keep in mind that there is not much pressure on the eyes.

4. Use olive oil to remove any strong makeup like waterproof makeup. For this, dip wet cotton into olive oil and squeeze and keep it on closed eyes. After some time wipe the eyes with cotton swabs. Do this 2 times, the eye makeup will be removed.
5. After removing makeup, wash eyes and face with baby shampoo. Even if it causes shampoo in the eyes, tears will not come out and there will be no burning.
6. Finally, if you want in the eyes, then add 2 drops of rose water. You will feel the freshness.


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