WISHING WEBSITE and how to earn money (2020)

 WISHING WEBSITE and how to earn money (2020)-quizword.in

The event we target and the events that we create a website, like Republic Day Viral Wishing Script (26 January 2020), if our site goes viral thereon event then we earn tons because people too like wishing website thanks to which a user likes an internet site, he wishes his relatives and friends thereon event through the link of that site and thru which the traffic of the location increases and at an equivalent time, we also click on the ads in order that we Earning takes place.

WISHING WEBSITE and how to earn money

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What is WISHING WEBSITE and the way to earn money from it? [2020]

To create a Wishing Website we’d like some important domain, Adsense /another network, etc. Using Adsense on the Wishing Website may be a great risk because Adsense disable on the Wishing Website may be a risk. But still, many bloggers are earning well from this Wishing Website with this risk. Event Blogging Kya Hai?

How to start event blogging, complete information on the way to earn money from Event Blogging, want to earn money by Event Blogging on 26 January 2020, then the simplest thanks to rising up is to scale back the value of Wishing Website.

For Domain: Wishing Website, first you’ve got to shop for a new domain. If you do not want to use Adsense on the location, then you’ll also use a free domain.

Adsense Account: it’s a touch difficult to approve an Adsense account on a Wishing Website, but many bloggers buy a website and make an easy blog website thereon, write 10-20 unique posts then once they get Adsense Approval thereon name then Let’s install PHP script and make a Wishing Website. you’ll also use affiliate or other network ads to earn from the Wishing site. WISHING WEBSITE and how to earn mone

Wishing Script: to make a Wishing Website you would like a PHP script, you’ll develop the script yourself or else you’ll find many wishing scripts easily on the web. Which you’ll modify and convert to any event.

Create Website: in any case, you’ve got to make a Wishing Website on WordPress or blogger and place Adsense or other network ads thereon.

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What to try to after creating a WISHING WEBSITE?

After creating a Wishing Website, you’ve got to use methods that bring traffic to your website and earn you. Create a backlink, which increases the ranking of the web site and when searching on events, your site gets ranked within the program. Promote your wishing website through groups on social media, in order that traffic comes through your ads through income. you’ll also use other genuine methods to market the web site.


There are some events for the Wishing Website on which the wishing site is extremely viral and searching within the program of those events is additionally very high. a number of these events are given below.

  • Happy New Year
  • Independence day
  • Republic day
  • Christmas day
  • Valentin day
  • Deepawali and Holi
  • EID

keywords through keyword finder tools you can also find many events or. And thereon keyword, you’ll create a wishing website.

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